I don't do resolutions...

In keeping with my new blog schedule, this is a random post. I'm now typing whatever comes to me. No, not really that random! But, I am tired, need to cook dinner, and should go wash dishes, because our dishwasher is broken. So, this may be pretty short and completely nonsensical.

Okay. Something came to me in the two seconds it took me to hit "Enter" twice.

As the first post of the New Year, I think it's only fitting to talk about my resolutions.

**Cricket chirping ensues**

And there you have it. I'm not sure when the last time I made a New Year's resolution was, but much like the inevitable failings of this blog schedule, I'm fairly certain I never kept the resolutions. Sitting here, I wonder why I'm often able to achieve goals I set for myself, but not adhere to resolutions. Maybe it's because said resolutions are not tangible or are too restrictive. Instead of striving to DO something, I would be striving NOT TO DO something.

In fitting with this reasoning, I'm going to make a New Year's GOAL:
Finish writing this darn book before 2011.

"Why have you given yourself an entire year to finish a book you've already started?" you might ask. Well, it's simple. I'm a slow writer who just got a new job (that involves a long commute) and is trying to enjoy the little time she has in Britain.

But, just like any good anal-retentive goal setter, I need small goals to underscore the larger one. Rest assured, I'll most likely have a goal schedule worked out in calendar form within the week. Then I'll send that to my crit partner who will hound me (because she's awesome like that) until I send her chapters. Much like the blog, if I can keep this up will be no small miracle.

Here's to miracles in 2010!!!

Note: Yes, this is also technically a writing post, but since it literally popped into my head while I was typing that first paragraph, I'm going to count it as random. Maybe I'll use the writing post to expand. :-)


Stephanie Jenkins said...

Yes. You should send me chapters because I will hound you. And by hound, I mean sending my children to the UK to live with you. :D