28 Week Update

So, I didn't start out doing updates, mainly because I had so much to do to get ready for the move.  Now I've moved, and I'm looking at pretty snow falling from the sky. I may not think it's so pretty if/when it starts to stick. But that's okay, because I've got a picture!! Please excuse the awful hair and lack of makeup.

So that's me at 28 weeks pregnant with baby Ninja. My mom took the picture with her new camera in a poorly lit hotel room.

I have my first midwife appointment in the US tomorrow, and I'm really excited about it!! I hope it goes well. So there's my update. I'll try to post more pictures when I get them later on, but I'm still really busy with moving, etc. It's tough to move, especially when you're pregnant!


Well, it's only been 7 months since I last posted anything on the blog. Bad Laura!! Well, now I'm back, hopefully regularly. And...it only took the fact that I'm moving back to the US to convince me to post.

If you've not heard yet, I got a job offer back where I did my PhD. It looks like it will offer some really good opportunities to work from the ground up on some interesting projects and gain some experience in the process. So, after much deliberation with the hubby, we decided to make the move back. It just happens that he found a position as well! Honestly, I think this was all building, because also if you've not heard, I'm pregnant! After I found out, I started getting more and more homesick. Plus my visa ends in June anyway, so the timing was great.

We're both excited to be going back to someplace we love. At the same time, we're sad. It is already hard on me knowing I have to leave my friends behind, and they'll be so far away too! Apart from the people I've met here, there're a lot of great things about the UK that I'll miss as well:

  1. Blackcurrant jam
  2. Stately homes that are more than 3 centuries old
  3. Castles
  4. Intelligent politics (to a certain extent!)
  5. Pubs (they're not just for good beer!)
  6. Yummy Indian food
  7. Cheap(ish) flights to Europe
  8. Misfits, Sherlock, Have I Got News for You, period dramas, etc.
I'm sure I'm forgetting things off this list, but those were just things on my mind.

Next up for me is flying back to meet my parents, driving to Colorado, and starting my new job while trying to find a midwife while the hubby is tying up loose ends in the UK. He'll come out a month later. I'm excited and a little scared about what's to come. 

Next post: 26 week pregnancy update