About Me - Laura McMeeking

I'm an American expat living in the UK. I'm an education researcher by day and a writer by night. I started writing YA fiction in June 2009 after completing my PhD. After having written loads of technical papers, I found I needed an outlet for my creativity. I found that in writing. One day, we were driving to Scotland, and I had this idea of a girl and guy being chased by strangely dressed men through the forest. That turned into my first novel, which I'm still writing.

Once I decided to start writing, I joined the Absolute Write Water Cooler. It was one of the best (and FREE!) decisions I've made. I've met so many wonderful people through that forum, and I even found my crit partner there!

In my spare time, I read books (lots of them!). I also play video games with my husband--well, maybe he plays, and I watch. When we have time, money, and good weather, I like to go out to the English and/or Scottish countrysides and putter around. The scenery is amazing and always seems to inspire me in some way.

I took over this blog (my husband actually started it) with no format in mind. I just write what I feel like when I feel like it. There are writing posts, ranting posts, and even thankful posts.