Heading for greyer pastures

Well, somehow I've made it to England. After months of anticipation/dread, the day(s) has/have finally arrived.

Actually, it's not much of a mystery how I got here:

The flight was quite pleasant. Nice entertainment options and prety good food. According to the inflight magazine, Anchorman is considered a 'classic'. Not bad, San Diego.

After we landed, I took a taxi in to the hotel where I am staying for my first two nights here, called 'The Palace'. Quite a nice building. It originally housed offices for some kind of 'assurance' company (my guess is this is similar to an insurance company). The room is very nice and very modern, in stark contrast to the architecture of the building.

I can't tell you how much I love the painting/photograph of the flower above the bed.

Today has turned out as I expected, a mix of recovering from the jet lag and trying to get a few things taken care of. I couldn't get any job paperwork processed because I don't offiically 'start' until tomorrow. Amy will be happy to know I have an appointment to look at a few apartments Saturday. We'll see how they look. My visit to the bank was less successful. To open an account you need a) proof of identity, and b) proof of address. To get an address (read flat) you need a bank account. Fortunately it looks like the latter requirement is not as strict, so I hope to have a flat picked out within the week, obtain my proof of address, and get permission to give someone else my money. I also took a nap.

I miss Laura already, but we were able to get the Skype set up and working through the hotel internet, so at least we've got that. Actually, that's a lot. The Apollo astronauts couldn't even see their wives.

Anyway, it's 8 pm local time, and I'm starting to fade. I promise future blogs will have a bit more humor and creativity in them.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, it was overcast today.


Amy said...

Yay for blogs!!!

Matt said...

Egad! Did you take Wonder Woman's invisible plane over from the states?! I can see the airport through that one!

And, if I hear you correctly, you are comparing yourself and your plight to that of the astronauts in the late 60's? Yessss, that is exactly what your work is like.

Laura said...

I can't believe that that's actually picture of the sky! And since I asked you about it and you said it was, I believe you. What am I getting myself into?!

Elaine said...
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Roby Sue said...

holy crap. that's really the sky in Manchester? Insane. Will you develop asthma while you're there?