banking my time

So, after nearly four days in Manchester I've accomplished the following:

1. I have keys to an office.
2. I had fish and chips.
3. I caught a cold.

It has been a productive time. I am still without an apartment, though I expect that situation to change soon. I am still without a bank account, though I also expect that situation to change soon. It seems that in this country, having money does not entitle one to a bank account. More aggravating is that I'd actually be better off as an international student without a job. That's right. I would have an easier time getting a bank account if I wasn't making any money. Go figure.

Friday was a nice day in Manchester, as you can see in this nice picture I took of one of the older campus buildings.

Saturday I transported my things to a friend's flat that is also near the city center. This is my base of operations until I move in to another apartment, and it is quite a nice place. After settling in I visited two potential apartments, which were nice, but a bit small. I think that will be something I'll have to get used to. I am going to look at some more apartments before making my decision. Fortunately, there is a large selection to choose from, because of all the recent construction that has been happening in the area. The housing slump has come at a perfect time for me, and I've heard that vacancy rates are very high in most of these new (and old) blocks of flats.

Today, however, I haven't really done much besides make a few plots and generally 'potter' about and feel rather under the weather. Tomorrow should be a full day, with a group meeting, a meeting with the bank manager, an appointment to pick up my staff security card (essentially my gateway to everything else concerning the university) and then several apartment showings in the afternoon.


LB said...

Poor Gavin...sick??? Don't look for tylenol...look for the generic name...but I forget what that Google it. :) Hopefully, tomorrow is a good day! Or in fact, as I write is tomorrow for you. So, I hope today is a good day.

Roby Sue said...

we'll make sure to have some mint chip ice cream on hand upon your arrival. I'll also bake you a pie. Unfortunately, Landon cannot bring any to Manchester for you.
Acetaminophen is the generic name for Tylenol.
I hope you're feeling better soon.
I didn't actually intend for others to read my blog... if you were wondering why it sucks so much. : ) I've just found that I'm pretty ungrateful in general, so I'm working on that.

kevin said...

At first I thought the 3rd item on your list was "I caught a cod." I assumed it was part of the difficult process of obtaining a bank account in England.

Nikki said...

Sorry to hear you're sick already! Make yourself a nice cocktail of paracetamol and irish whiskey. Think of it like a different flavor of NyQuil. mmm...
We missed you at Geeks last night!

Elaine said...

Better yet, just have a cuppa with an Irish whiskey chaser. Not that I know about Irish whiskey but it looks good???? Right now would be a good time a to a couple of shots because it is probably about time to hit the rack anyway.

Sorry you are feeling "poorly".

Laura said...

Have you found tea yet? I can't believe a good Englishman doesn't have tea in his flat. You may have to talk to Will about this. It's just not right.