At last, no more suitcases

After a quick trip to Berkeley, California to attend a conference on carbonaceous aerosols and visit Landon and Robyn (+ a special visit from Laura), I am finally sleeping in my own bed. The bed in the new flat is not great, but it is mine for the next six months (at least), so it is still special.

Overall I am very pleased with the flat. Its location is fantastic, minutes from both the town centre and my office, not to mention the fantastic Indian restaurant across the street. I've posted some pictures on facebook for those of you interested in checking them out.

The best thing about finalizing the flat lease is having an address. My first load of groceries is being delivered (for free) tonight between 7-8 pm. I'm interested to see how this turns out. I've also signed up for broadband (internet), and subscribed to The Economist, rekindling an old love affair. Water, gas, electricity, and council tax bills are all to follow. Very fun.

Work is going well. My office computer is great, and now has fully functional versions of IGOR and IDL on it, meaning the only limitation to my work is coffee. Also played my first game of after work, 5-a-side football (indoors). It was quite intense, but very fun. I intend to hone up my skills, particularly my ball control and bow staff skills, in order to dominate at some point in the near future.


Matt said... first i thought you meant to 'hone your skills', but then i realized you intend to 'hone up' said skills, whatever that means. i'm sure it has something to do with the bowstaff reference. peace. m


oh wait - i'm supposed to put that down there. whoops! my bad.

uva_weathergirl said...

Damn, google rocks. Amy just emailed me lamenting the loss of the CSU upperclass and gives me the example of Gavin, who is in Manchester. So I google "McMeeking and Manchester" and viola!

Congrats on your successful move out there!! And congrats on your engagement to Laura!! Yay :-) Best of luck!

michelle l'heureux