We'll be taxiing for the next few years...

So, our friend is in town for the next week. We all went out for a beer yesterday, and it felt like old times, talking total nonsense for hours on end. Surprisingly, the nonsense actually DID make sense. Here's one example:

My life is like an airplane. I've spent a lot of time building the plane, tweaking it to just the right specs. And, now I'm taxiing for goodness knows how long. I could still turn around and park myself back at the jetway, but I haven't yet. At some point, I'm just gonna have to get to the end of the runway and take off, hoping that all the things I've done spec-wise help me fly and don't end up helping me to crash and burn.

So, yeah, I'm taxiing. I've no idea what I'm doing, and I really wish air traffic control would just give me some freakin' directions already!!!

Fan-Faery-Tastic Halloween Costumes

So, I make a rule never to have anything to do with Halloween. Why? Well, it really boils down to my competitive nature. I like dressing up, but only if it's in a really freakin' awesome costume. Those usually cost money, something I'm not will to spend. I'm not into the whole scary thing, either. I get freaked out way too easily, so it's better to just leave me at home. Therefore, on Halloween, you can usually find me sitting in front of the TV watching some random show or movie.

This year, however, my friends are throwing a party. I missed their last fancy dress party and vowed I would be at this one. Given that promise, I went shopping for a costume today. Yes. Me. I came back with half a costume. Well, everything by the whole clothes part of the costume anyway. If all goes as planned, I will be going as an Evil Faery. I'm pretty much a bitch, so who knows? Maybe I can pull that costume off!

Banned Books Week - A Little Late

I decided to post about this last Monday, but, as with most things lately, I forgot. It's still Banned Books Week (ends tomorrow), so late is better than never. For those of you who aren't familiar with this particular week, it's not about going out and choosing which books to burn. No, instead, it's all about raising awareness that some people actually do go out and challenge, ban, or even burn certain books that they don't agree with in some way.

I'm all about our First Amendment rights, so obviously this bothers me. I recall reading several books growing up that I've recently discovered ended up on the Banned Books List. While I have no problem with people disagreeing with book content, I do find it irritating that those same people want to take away my choice to read or not read those same books. In addition, it's offensive to me that there are people who think I'm either too stupid or too impressionable to read something and not immediately agree with everything in the book. I'm also not to dumb to recognize sarcasm, something that it prevalent in many of the banned/challenged books.

Needless to say, I think everyone should take a look at these lists (there are several of them), and then they should choose a couple of books to read. You'll probably find that you've already read a lot of them, and you might be surprised at some of the books on the list (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn anyone??).