Teaser Tuesday #1

I'm going to start number my Teaser Tuesday posts so I know how many I make throughout the year. So, here is #1 of 2010. Unfortunately, I suck, and this little snippet was not written in 2010. But, I liked it and thought I'd share. It's from SoMH, which I plan to finish writing this year...

As always, it's rough and unedited.

Snippity snip snip -- Thanks for the comments you guys!

Note: I'll keep this post up until Thursday. It will come down when my post about being thankful goes up.

Another Note: Thanks go to Vero and Steph for looking at this little snippet for me and helping me get it to this point. I swear, sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get the words to flow!


VĂ©ro said...

I've already told you that I love this scene. It gives me a whole new appreciation for this time of year which used to be one of my least favorite! Beautiful!

CupofDice said...

Sweet and Poetic. I love the paragraph about Spring.

Becca said...

I love your descriptions. I almost feel like it's Spring right. this. second. :)

Paranormalchick said...

UGH. This snip makes me HATE the snow even more! LOL

Great snip! I love the discriptions and the flow! This is so real. Love it! :D