Kiss Goodbye to 2009

It's that time of year to post New Year's resolutions that we all know I'll break during the first week. But, it's the thought that counts, right? I'm using this opportunity to reorganize my blog. Based on some recent posts by my AW friends Krista and Vero, I've decided to set some goals and a schedule that I'll be sure to not stand by for the New Year. Yay!

White Vero's schedule is set around writing, I didn't originally set out to make this blog all about writing. In fact, I started writing and blogging at around the same time, so this blog has mostly been about my random thoughts and rants. At the same time, I slowly added in teasers and posts about writing. So, I want to do a schedule around both random things and writing things. But, I can't just rant, right? I mean, I whine about lots of things, but I'm not a completely awful person. So, in keeping with Krista's 12 Blog Posts of Christmas idea, I want to be thankful for SOMETHING every other week, no matter how small it is. There's always something in the midst of all my complaining that I am grateful for. I'll post that to.

So, in keeping with the melding together of all these ideas, here's my bi-weekly schedule idea*:

Sunday: Random post (i.e. whatever I feel like posting that day)
Tuesday: Teaser Tuesday
Thursday: Thankful Thursday
Saturday: Random Post (because life shouldn't be too planned)
Monday:  Music Monday
Wednesday: WIP or Writing Wednesday (e.g., talking about writing, interview author, or guest author writes)
Friday: Photo Friday

What do you think? Is this interesting? Do you have any other ideas or these days? Am I doomed from the start***?

*Note: Although I will do my best to keep to this schedule, I know myself quite well. You can always send me an email through the blog by checking out my Profile to gripe at me for not keeping to the schedule. :-D
**I actually have another blog where I have been posting reviews, but since I can't keep up with it, I'll move those over to this blog and start reviewing books every other week.
***I like starting things off at the week's beginning (either Sunday or Monday depending on where you live). Since I live in Britain, my week will start on Sunday, 3 January. That means this new blog schedule will also start on that day.


Amna said...

You can keep at it!

Happy 2010

Amy said...

I think it sounds great... I've been thinking I need a more regular schedule also.

Emilia Joyce Plater said...

Looks good! I admire you for going on a schedule. I think I tried, once, and it sort of... collapsed. haha. Good luck and happy 2010! <33

Stephanie Jenkins said...

Good luck with the schedule, Laura! You can do it!!!! :)

Elaine said...

You are very good with keeping schedules so you should do well. One thing I noticed; there is no place in there for work????