Where is Laura? Where is Laura?

Here she is!

I've been away for a while, because my parents have been here over the holidays. We've been going places and generally having fun. But really, I've just been lazy about my blogging. I started out posting the third post in my Rome series, but realized that all the pictures are on the other computer. Being the lazy person that I am, I couldn't be bothered to get up, walk to the bedroom, and blog from that computer. Instead, I'll be incorporating the rest of the Rome posts and other travel posts in my new schedule I am introducing on 31 December. Stay tuned!

While the parents have been here, we've done such exciting things as walk around the German Christmas Market in the city centre, walk around the Arndale Center, sit around avoiding the snow and ice, and shopping at the Trafford Centre. Oh, yeah, there were a couple of days where the weather was decent enough to go places like Yorkshire! That was really fun, but also very cold. My feet never got warm, but that didn't matter, because the scenery was so pretty. Oh yeah, and there was the impromptu job interview with an offer in there, too! It's been pretty crazy!

I'll definitely miss the parents when they go home. But right after they leave, we'll drive down to Cambridge to see the hubster's family! Fun times!!

AND, in a little almost 3 weeks the hubs and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary!


Amna said...


And happy (almost) 1 year anniversary :)

Elaine said...

Did you leave a space in there somewhere to work??????

Elaine said...

Well rats the mom left her comment on the wrong Post. Anyway, it was fun and we had a great time. Hope we didn't get in the way too much. By the way, you and Gavin are goooooood cooks. How I lost weight, I don't know!