Yellow Squash & White Vinegar

Or rather, extremely commonplace things I can't easily find in the UK.

Yes, that's correct. For the last four months I've been on the hunt for white vinegar. Thinking maybe it was called something different here, I actually went online, found a picture of white vinegar, and sent it to a friend asking where I could find it here. She asked if I meant white wine vinegar, which of course, I did not. I meant, you know, plain white vinegar of the caliber you use to clean your coffee maker. In fact, that's why I wanted it! Well, after much searching, I found some. At the vegan grocery store down the road. In the cleaning products section. For a ridiculous price. And, I bought it. Now, I have a sparkling white coffee maker, and I'm so happy.

On to yellow squash, another item I looked for today. I couldn't find it on my online shopping website, and, admittedly, I didn't look very hard elsewhere. I did ask a friend if it was called something different here. (Coincidentally, I asked the same friend I asked about the white vinegar. She's very patient with me sending her random pictures asking if what things are called here.) Apparently, yellow squash is a yellow courgette (zucchini), but it doesn't matter. She informed me that you really can't find them in stores. I'd have to know someone who grows them. I don't usually like yellow squash, so really it doesn't bother me that I've had a hard time finding it. But, it's the principle that matters! I needed it for a recipe. Instead, I'll be substituting eggplant (aubergine) for yellow squash. The horror!


Roby Sue said...

before we come over, I am going to request a list of things you would like to have (I already plan on bringing you some homemade pickles) but can't find there. Then I am going to pack those things and bring them to you. I remember the frustration of living in a foreign country and not being able to get anything you want. Like, there is no cheddar cheese in Brazil. Or anything remotely resembling Mexican food (real hard on a California girl).

Roby Sue said...

oh, about the biscuits, my favorite recipe website is epicurious. I have found that all their 4 fork recipes are delicious. But I think Pioneer Woman might have a good biscuit recipe on her new website Tasty Kitchen.