Christmas Shopping...Laura Style

So last Friday, my friend Hazel asked if I wanted to go to the Trafford Centre (it's a mall) with her. She needed to do some Christmas shopping, and I needed to get out of the flat for a while. I figured the mall would be a good idea based on two things: (1) I could actually get gifts early on this year and not have to worry about it later and (2) I would have self-control in my spending and not purchase non-gift items.

So, the goals were basically to get Christmas gifts without spending a crapload of money. I feel like my shopping trip was a HUGE success. You might ask, "Laura, how many gifts did you buy?" to which I would respond, "Zero. Nada. Zilch." You might then say, "Oh, then you must not have spent any money!" That would be a wrong assumption. In fact, I spent quite a bit, just not on Christmas gifts. Or at least, not on Christmas gifts for other people.

Here are some of the items I purchased:

New items in this picture = long sweater, wool tights, and purple boots.

New in this Picture: Same boots as above (yes, they're really purple) and a new teal coat!

New in this picture: Same boots (Yeah, I wanted to show off another outfit.The shirt and tights were new 2 months ago.)

As you can see, I had a great time shopping. And, I found lots of things. Unfortunately for everyone else, the things I found were oh so perfect for me. You might think this sounds really self-absorbed. You'd be right. But, I just couldn't help myself. And, I did need a new coat. And, I really needed some boots, because everyone has them. And, the wool tights are a must in the cold weather. And, well, the sweater was looking.

Tip to self: Don't go "Christmas" shopping with Hazel if a) you plan to actually buy Christmas gifts or b) you don't want to spend money. She makes shopping FUN!

So, yeah. I think it would be safer for me to do all the Christmas shopping online this year. But, there is the Christmas market in town where I'm sure I could unload tons of cash...errrrmmm...I mean...responsibly buy Christmas gifts under the watchful eye of my husband. ;-)


Hazel said...

Shopping is so much more fun with someone else who wants to shop!
- and not a grumpy boyfriend who throws a strop after 5 minutes, worse than a 5 year old!

My 'shopping' services are available anytime, so long as its not on a Saturday when its mental :)

P.S your new clothes are ace - FACT

Stephanie Jenkins said...

Must. Have. Those. Boots. Great pictures, chica and way to go for treating yourself! :D

WickedWookey said...

Hi Laura!

We're really glad you enjoyed your shopping trip, and we're sure that the recipient of your Xmas gifts will be pleased too. Oh - that would be you then!! :)

Thanks for your kind words, and you look fantastic in your new gear.

The Trafford Centre

Amna said...

You look great, Laura!