In Lieu of Teaser Tuesday

So, it seems I have a problem. Whenever I get really excited to write more of SoMH, I sit down at the computer and find myself completely unable to think. Basically, everything comes out as gibberish. Because of this, I have nothing in the way of a teaser this week. I hope to remember that for next week. We shall see.

In lieu of a teaser, I am hoping you guys can help me out! I've done a little bit of Q&A with the main character, Anna whose POV I've been posting in the last several teasers. However, I think it would be interesting if you guys came up with some questions you'd like to ask Anna. I'll compile the questions and interview her, posting her answers to the questions on this blog at some later date! So, if you would be so kind, post a question (or a few) in the comments here or email me some questions. The more I get, the better acquainted we all get with Anna! Feel free to ask demographic, historical, deep philosphical, or any other kind of questions you want!

Here is a short character profile so you aren't completely flying blind:

Name: Anna Rose Lawton (Pictured here: Rachel Hurd Wood)
Age: 16
Height/Weight: 5'4" at 120 lbs
Hair: Long (past shoulders), straight, reddish/brown
Eyes: Smoky blue with a sapphire blue ring around the outside
Things I Do for Fun: Sing in church choir, Read, Watch movies, Play board games, Hang out with Megan
Favorite Winter Outfit: Knee-length blue jean skirt with a v-neck sweater and boots
Favorite Summer Outfit: Khaki shorts with a t-shirt and flip flops

Note: The image used to portray Anna is not owned by this author. If you own the picture, and would like me to take it down, please email me, and I would be happy to comply.


Becca said...

What kind of food does she like to eat?

What types of food does she despise?

Jamie B said...

Do you chew gum? What flavor? Eat candy? Chocolate or fruity flavors? Play with your hair? Wear it up or down more? Do you have scars or birthmarks? Do you know how to ride a bike? Rollerskate? Swim? Do you drive? Best day of your life so far?

Amna said...

What is her pet peeve?

Kate said...

What are her favorite songs? Where does she live? What does she wants to be when she grows up?

Krista Ashe said...

What do you look for in a guy? What qualities does your perfect man have? Since you sing in the choir, what qualities do you possess that you dont' see in the peers around you?

houndrat said...

What one quality do you admire in yourself most? Which quality do you wish you could change?

Describe your perfect day.

Which memory from your past makes you smile? If you could change the events of any past day, what would you do differently and why?

What do you like about your parents? What about them drives you nuts?

J.S. Wood said...

Wow, what great questions have been posted.

What do you do when no one is watching?
If you could be any animal, which one would you choose and why?
If you could choose any country to visit, where would you choose? To live? To never visit?
Do you have siblings and what is your relationship with them?

Laura McMeeking said...

Wow! These are great questions, guys! THANKS!

Kristin Miller said...

We know your fave seasonal outfits, but what are your fave seasonal activities? Are you an ice skating girl or a sit on the sidelines with cocoa and watch kind of girl? Are you the first one on the waterskis or does the idea of camping make your regularly hydrated skin itch?

Anonymous said...

If she saw someone being rude to another on a bus, would she say something?

Paranormalchick said...

What's your favorite pair of shoes?