Is That Seat Taken?

The title of this post is intentionally misleading. It's actually part of the lyrics to a song that I am listening to while I type this. Can you guess which song??

It's raining, I don't feel particularly great today, and I'm sitting in the flat by myself, so I decided to listen to some music. I have a few albums I tend to play over and over again, the one I'm listening to right now is one of them. Unfortunately, these songs are pretty depressing. Probably not a good listen for rainy weather, but oh well!

Sitting here listening to music, the lyrics in particular, got me thinking about a conversation I had last night with a friend about music. (Side note: This would be a mini-conversation had while I was sitting at the computer typing away on a message if the friend reads this...sorry again for being such a bad hostess!!!) He asked us if we liked songs because of the music or lyrics. I instinctually said, "Both!" That's mostly true. The songs I'm listening to right now, I like because of the music and lyrics (wait, isn't that a movie?).

Typically, I like music that moves me, which could be from the lyrics or the music. But, if the song has great lyrics and bad music, I tend to not like it as much. I need a good combination of the two. However, if it has bad lyrics and good music, I can overlook the lyrics. It's the music that moves me, and the words just add to the music. Cool, huh? I've always been like that. I found myself almost crying several times while singing in a concert, because the music was so beautiful, even when the words were in Latin and I hadn't a clue what they meant. :)

That's it. Boring post. But, well, they can't all be great! So, (if anyone actually reads this), do you like songs for music or lyrics or both? What kind of music do you like??

(Song I was just listening to: Congratulations by Blue October w/ Imogen Heap)

Edit: So, I'm adding this little part, because I continued Blue October and came across "18th Floor Balcony". I've heard it before, but I never really listened to the lyrics. I think this would fall under the good lyrics, good music category. I found myself actually picking a scene that played out what the lyrics were saying. I may have to use this in my writing... See, music can be really moving!


Elaine said...

I vote music first....if the the music and beat don't catch me the words will never be heard. That is what makes all the "golden oldies" last. They had a musicality that catches your attention and then the words are an extra! Hows that for my $.02.