You Make Me Smile

Continuing the theme of titling the blog posts with lyrics from Blue October, this post is about my husband, Gavin, one of the nicest people I know. [Gush]

Yes, I know he's good looking. You don't have to tell me. But this isn't about how handsome he is, it's about how nice he is. Now, this is definitely unusual, because I am not an overly gushy female. Seriously, I'd much rather be teasing him and making fun of him for stupid stuff, but he was just too nice this morning.

Case in point, he cooked me breakfast and brought to me while I was still laying in bed reading my book. See, he's really nice. It wasn't even just cereal...he COOKED eggs and bacon with toast. And they were good eggs. The bacon was perfectly crispy, and he used real butter on the toast. YUM!

If that wasn't just the nicest, he brings me coffee in bed most mornings! Yes, I'm lazy, and I sit there in bed reading for an hour. He doesn't even care. He just brings me coffee with a smile before he leaves for work. He's truly nice.

So, here's to Gavin. [raises glass of sparkling water] No one could ask for a better husband.

Note: Shortly before this post was typed, Gavin, the nicest person ever, banished me to the bedroom, because my typing was too loud. It disturbed his trying to review journal articles. But, see, I was so moved by the rest of his niceness that I am still posting this. But, for good measure, I'm throwing in a picture of him in his kilt. Woohoo!


VĂ©ro said...

LOL! Very sweet!