Geek Alert!!

So, I never thought of myself as a total geek. Don't get me wrong, I always knew I was nerdy and never part of the "in" crowd. I listened to Billy Joel and watch old episode of Star Trek TNG even. (Note: I have been informed that my use of TNG for The Next Generation may, in fact, classify me as a geek.) That suited me just fine. But, recently, thanks to my husband and some good friends, I have entered the Realm of Geekdom. Let's get this straight though, I'm just inside the borders. I mean, I'm not talking Dungeons and Dragons here. But, I've definitely taken taken several steps on the road to Geekdom.

Case in point: Tonight Gavin and I will be going to what has become a fairly regular (weekly) Fallout 3 session. Yes, video games, and a role-playing one at that! I'm not saying I've never played video/computer games. I have, and have been for a long time (Kings Quest, anyone?), but this seems to have taken me to a whole new level. I actually DREAM about being in a post-apocalyptic dystopian society where I have to decide which mission to go on next. Really. It's true! The last dream saw me running through the Capitol Wasteland trying to get away from the SuperMutants.

This should tell you about what role I play in the Fallout 3 experience. I watch. I sit at the back of the basement room (yes, I said basement) and alert the boys to enemies. I also have a good time trying to pick the meanest comments when talking to other characters, because we have to keep up the "Evil, Optortunist" persona! It's a given. Anyway, it's not to say that girls can't play video games, because they most certainly can. I just don't have the hand-eye or perhaps finger-eye coordination it takes to shoot things and generally move around on the screen. It's a learning curve that my years outside the Realm of Geekdom have not prepared me for.

However, I'm totally hooked. I love this game, even I only passively participate. I can't believe Geekdom could be so great! I think I may venture further into the Realm, but perhaps only with baby steps. I mean, I could get attacked by a Level 20 Super-Mutant-Sorcerer-Dragon thing and have enough magic to fight it off!


VĂ©ro said...


There are video games that don't require hand eye coordination as much... those are the ones I'm good at.

As far as watching the husband play video games, I remember my friend and I watching our guys playing Resident Evil 2, hiding our faces behind blankets at scary spots! It was a blast! Until someone died and you had to watch the same scene over again...