I'm Hijacking This Blog

This is Gavin's wife, Laura. I am hijacking this blog, because my husband is apparently not a blogger, and I couldn't be bothered to come up with a new blog name for myself. So, from now on, you'll find my posts, which will most likely not be as funny as Gavin's posts. In fact, I may try to make them as boring as possible. We'll see.

I randomly decided to start writing a blog when I realized that I have no one to talk to during the day and needed an outlet where I could bore anyone stupid enough to read my blog. So, you will now find that I'll be posting once a week--or more probably whenever I feel like it. I will be posting rants, musings, reflections, observations, and all those other words used to describe writing random crap.

Up first in random-land:

Writing fiction is tough. Seriously. Especially when you've been in the science mindset since birth. Actually, I used to write these really dumb stories about a princess who was always saved by her handsome prince. Of course, I was the princess and the prince was whichever boy I was obsessing over at the time. That was when I was about 10...yes, I've been boy-crazy for a long long time. It's finally tapering off. I only dream about 20 men other than my husband at any one time now, and by men I mean 20 year-old movie stars. <> If you are Gavin or any of Gavin's family reading this now...that was a joke. Seriously...I only dream about 10 other men.

Anyway, back to my musing. So, about four months ago when I had this odd desire to write something other than my dissertation, I was confused. I mean, I actually have an imagination? Then I realized, OF COURSE I HAVE AN IMAGINATION!!! I've been writing science and research-related papers for so long, one has to have a great imagination to believe those pieces mean anything! I knew then that I had a way to procrastinate, you know, other than Facebook and MySpace and TV and... But I didn't have anything to write about, until this one night when I had a dream about a boy and a girl in a meadow. Wait...that was Stephenie Meyer. No, I didn't have anything to write about.

It wasn't until I was talking to a friend about writing fiction that I said, "I want to write about some girl in high school who doesn't really have a lot of good friends and she's really into school and she's boy crazy and she's..." Then I realized I was talking about myself. Write what you know, right??? So, I started brainstorming some more, came up with a really ridiculous idea and started writing. I have around 3000 words written. 3000 words does not a novel make...not that I need to write a novel, but the story way too large and preposterous for a short story. But writing fiction is hard!


Amy said...

I was pretty excited to see an update to this blog in my Google reader this morning! Go Laura!

Roby Sue said...

I'm stupid enough, I guess. :)
You're braver than I to be writing fiction. Good luck!

.brian said...

Imagine my surprise to see an update on this old RSS feed!! Welcome, Laura, to the blogosphere. Ug. I hate that word.

Have you read Curtis Sittenfield's book Prep? It's about a high school girl who doesn't have many friends, and it is actually an awesome book. Nikki and I both really liked it, and Nikki's read two of her other books (Curtis is a girl).