Here We Go Again

Well, we've moved back from Manchester to Colorado (yeah, I need to change the blog title), Miss E has arrived (I'll talk more about that in another post or five), and my life is chaotic yet again. Maybe it's the lack of sleep from getting up every 2-3 hours to feed Miss E or maybe it's the lack of computing time I've been getting lately, but I had a desire to blog again. So, here I am!

Since I haven't been writing for pretty much the entire year, I probably won't have a lot of writing related posts, at least not pertaining to me. But, I may talk about other writer friends who have books coming out or who are posting awesome things. I also hope to have some reviews of books I've managed to read in between working, breastfeeding, cooking, cleaning, etc. But for the time being, I would like to post some things about my pregnancy and birth experiences along with the experiences of being a new mom and product reviews. I was told all sorts of things about having a baby when I was pregnant, and some things worked out while others didn't. I felt like some pieces of advice or other people's experiences weren't realistic and sugarcoated the whole thing, so I plan to not do that here. I'll just tell it like it is, because I think that's more useful. Maybe writing about my experiences will be a little cathartic for me as well.


Chanelle said...

Congrats on the baby!