Want time to write? Get your husband an Xbox 360

After a year of saying "no", I caved this weekend and told Gavin he could get his Xbox 360. Of course it had nothing to do with recent decrease in price, but everything to do with giving him an outlet of fun so I could write in peace. Actually, it was mostly about the price drop.

Today we went into town, hoping to get the best deal possible. I think we did well. All-in-all, we came away with the Elite console, an extra wireless controller, and 5 good games. We didn't pay much more than what the console itself cost, so I figure the shopping around paid off.

You know what else paid off? Gavin sat in front of the monitor most of the day, mostly getting himself killed over and over again, while I wrote. It was a very productive day indeed!

Tomorrow, I'm thinking we'll have to break out something a little less nerve-racking...like...Legos Indiana Jones or Kung Fu Panda. Ohhh...yeah!

I predict very few words written tomorrow.


Emilia said...

LOL, that's great. Now all he needs is his own little room w/ bathroom and a mini-fridge and he'll never have to bother you again. :)

VĂ©ro said...


Once my husband gets a new job and we get caught up, I'm going to finally break down and let him get the PS3 he has been begging for forever. For me it is all about the dramatic price drop!